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Product name


Car exterior coatings

Ombrello Hydrophobic Glass Coating

·       No curing period

·       Effect up to 20,000 km. or 12 months

·       Coverage in 10 min.

Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating

·       Easy coverage

·       9H+ resistance

·       Effect up to 2 years

Ombrello Hydro Coat

·       Protective hydrophobic body coating is sprayed

·       Strengthens the ceramic effect

·       Can be applied on dry and wet surfaces

Car exterior cleaners

Ombrello Insect Remover

·       Effectively removes insects and other organic residues from external surfaces

·       Does not damage the paint layer

Ombrello Tar & Bitumen Remover

·       Extremely strong effect. Removes oils, polishing residues, fillers, grease and other stubborn dirts

Ombrello Iron Remover

·       Eliminates metal, rubber or brake pad deposits

·       Safe, non-acidic pH

·       Changes color, thick

·       Due to the weak smell, it can be used indoors

Ombrello Wheel Cleaner

·       Eliminates metal, rubber, limestone or brake pad deposits

·       An effective acid base

·       Dilution: 1:10 or 1:15

Ombrello Tire Sealant & Shine

·       Restores the natural appearance of tires

·       Effect up to 3 weeks.

·       Gives a natural matte look

Car shampoos

Ombrello Neutral Shampoo

·       Neutral pH 7

·       Quick effect

·       Dilution: 1:20 or 1:25

Ombrello Magic Active Foam

 ·       Changes color in contact with water

·       Effectively removes dirt

·       Dilution: 1:20 or 1:25

Car interior cleaners

Ombrello Interior Cleaner

·       Non-foaming interior cleaner

·       Effectively removes dirt, oil, grease and dirt residues

·       Pleasant smell

Ombrello Interior Rejuvenator

·       Repels dust and renews the appearance of interior surfaces and impregnates them

·       Perfect for skin impregnation

·       Low costs

Ombrello Textile Detergent

·       Universal, concentrated mild detergent for cleaning seats, covers, upholstery, carpets.

·       Dilution: 1:20 or 1:30

Ombrello Textile & Leather Sealant

·       Provides hydrophobicity to textile and leather surfaces

·       Effect up to 6 months.

Microfiber cloths

Ombrello Edgeless Microfiber Cloth

·      Laser cut corners

·      400 GSM

·      40 x 40 cm

Ombrello Extreme Drying Towel

·      Laser cut corners

·      1200 GSM

·      90 x 60 cm