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Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating
Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating
Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating
Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating
Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating
Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating


Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating

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(Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating Kit)

✓ Provides exceptional paint protection and highlights the color of the car

✓ 3D matrix on the coated surface creates 9H + level of resistance

✓ The surface becomes easier to clean and shine, which makes the car's paint more durable

✓ Durability: 2 years or 30,000 km

About the product:

Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating is a ceramic body coating that creates a dense and solid 3D matrix on the surface to be coated, creating a 9H + level of resistance. This coating provides exceptional paint protection and enhances the color of the car. The coating provides elasticity and protects against UV, salts, chemicals (pH2 - pH12) or scratches. The surface becomes easier to clean and shine, which makes the car's paint more durable. Just one coat is enough to achieve the best effect. Durability: 30,000 km / 2 years. The coating is optically invisible.
The set of ceramic body cover consists of 30 ml of body cover, 5 pcs. applicator, application pad and Ombrello Edgeless Microfiber Cloth for cleaning. This coating is extremely easy to use.

Why is it important to use?

✓ Provides deeper and brighter color

✓ Protects against UV rays

✓ Protects car paint from oxidation, prevents color fading. Protects against acid pollutants in the air, which are especially increasing due to increasing air pollution

✓ Repels water and dirt, making drying easier and dirt-free paint


Avoid direct sunlight and / or excessive humidity when covering at 5 - 30 ° C.

1. Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating can be applied on all transparent (lacquered) surfaces. Prior to coating, the surface must be clean, dry, free of dirt, bitumen, or resin deposits. It is important to properly assess the condition of the body or the need for surface polishing.
2. If the vehicle has been polished, all (mostly invisible) fillers and greases must be removed using a degreaser; otherwise, a white or gray mist may appear on the paint when applying the coating.

3. Place the applicator cloth on the applicator block. Apply 10 - 15 drops / m on the cloth2 Ceramic 3D Coating coatings and gently apply the coating to the surface in horizontal and vertical maneuvers until the coating remains invisible and evaporates. After 1 minute, wipe off any remaining coating with Ombrello Edgeless Microfiber Cloth until no traces of coating are visible.
4. WARNING: Uncleaned ceramic stains can form if not cleaned thoroughly enough.
5. Leave Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating to dry on the surface for at least 12 to 24 hours before first contact with water. Do not wash the vehicle for the first 72 hours.
6. WARNING: The coating can be applied in two coats, but it is important that the second coat is applied on top of the first coat within 4 to 5 minutes, otherwise gray spots may form due to air humidity.

Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating can also be used to coat car rims and plastics.

Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating MSDS


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