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Pro Detailer Set
Pro Detailer Set
Pro Detailer Set
Pro Detailer Set


Pro Detailer Set

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A great kit for car care lovers. The kit includes both exterior and interior care products that do not require additional tools or conditions. Full car maintenance will give you more comfort and extend the service life of the car.

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The set consists of:
✓ Ombrello Hydrophobic Glass Coating
✓ Ombrello Ceramic 3D Coating
✓ Ombrello Wheel Cleaner Plus (750 ml)
✓ Ombrello Tire Sealant & Shine (200 ml)
✓ Ombrello Textile & Leather Sealant (200 ml)
✓ Ombrello Interior Cleaner (750 ml)
✓ Ombrello Edgeless Microfiber Cloth (3 pcs.)
✓ Ombrello Tar & Bitumen Remover (750 ml)
✓ Ombrello Interior Rejuvenator (200 ml)

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