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Ombrello Wash Mitt
Ombrello Wash Mitt
Ombrello Wash Mitt

Ombrello Wash Mitt

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(Ombrello Washing Glove)

✓ Glides and foams profusely

✓ It is characterized by special strength and resistance

✓  Does not leave dirt residue and swirl marks

✓ Made of 100% polyester

About the product:

The Ombrello Wash Mitt is a particularly durable wash mitt that allows you to achieve a perfect result. This glove allows the washing shampoo to lather abundantly without leaving any residue of dirt or other traces of swirls. Due to its bristles, it is particularly easy to rinse and dry. 

Why is it important to use?

✓ Perfect for car washing

✓ Does not scratch the surface being washed

✓ Lasts longer than other cotton fabrics

✓ Leaves no fiber residue or  traces of other eddies

✓ Dries very quickly


Use only on clean surfaces
Use the glove only when it is clean
 Phot can be dried naturally