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‼️ 2023 season opening ‼️

A sunny Saturday afternoon in Lithuania welcomed car enthusiasts who gathered at [UNN]RELIABLE DRIFT & CAR SHOW and experienced an adrenaline-filled event. This year's event was made even more impressive by Ombrello as the main sponsor.

As the cars lined up for the start, their engines created a sound that cannot be forgotten. Every powerful turn, every sharp landing of the braking system and every shortened control wheel for precise driving maneuvers delighted the spectators. Well, at that time, Ombrello was not only visible on the posters of the event, but also delighted the participants with contests and spoiled prizes.

All the participants and spectators of the event were happy to see such a great race and such a big contribution of Ombrello to its success. We are delighted to have been able to contribute to such an impressive event and hope that [UNN]RELIABLE DRIFT & CAR SHOW will continue to be the same impressive series of events.

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Watch the full video of the event here