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UBR Team about the long-lasting glass coating

The UBR Team talks about the long-lasting glass protection of Ombrello Hydrophobic Glass Coating on its Youtube channel and explains why it is useful .

Ombrello Hydrophobic Glass Coating is an innovative and hydrophobic nano coating for glass. Its layer provides better visibility in bad weather conditions and reduces the risk of accidents. This coating is designed to protect car windows, but can also be used in other areas, such as showers, motorcycle helmets or swimming goggles.
As soon as water droplets come into contact with Ombrello Hydrophobic Glass Coating, they will form a spherical ) drop. Due to the 115-degree contact angle and the effect of gravity and air, these drops of water will simply slip off the windshield, removing existing dirt particles.
Spontaneous removal of water and dirt ensures a clear view even in the worst weather conditions. This becomes apparent when driving at 60 km / h without the wipers on.
The product provides windshield protection for up to 12 months or 20,000. kilometers. The coating remains active after many washes and is resistant to alkalis and solvents.
The coating has an effective service life of up to 6 times longer than similar products, so its composition and production technology are patented.

Watch the full Youtube video here.