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How to improve visibility when driving in bad weather?

Every driver knows that good visibility is crucial every time you sit behind the wheel of a car. One of the ways to improve visibility is the nano coating on the glass, which ensures visibility in bad weather conditions, thus reducing the risk of accidents. In recent months, when there is a lot of rainfall and we live most of the day at dusk or in the dark, it is especially important to make extra efforts to improve visibility. That is why the head of Auto Bild Lietuva Editor Vitold Milius tested the innovative and hydrophobic nano coating on glass - OMBRELLO. 

How does it work?

When coated with OMBRELLO car windows, the nanoparticles form a chain bond with the glass molecules, forming the thinnest, most transparent hydrophobic layer that is visible only at the molecular level. This layer allows water to flow easily towards the ground and at the same time remove dirt particles. 

What are the benefits?

V. Milius is sure that as visibility improves, the reaction time accelerates accordingly and the stopping distance shortens. "It is the responsibility of every driver to ensure the best possible driving conditions, so investing in improved visibility is very important," he added. editor. Also, the use of OMBRELLO reduces the consumption of washing liquid and prolongs the service life of the wipers, as water droplets and dirt particles automatically slip off the car windows and do not settle. The coating protects the driver’s eyes from glare from oncoming car headlights and prevents the windows from freezing in the winter.

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